About PolSEFF

The Polish Sustainable Financing Facility - PolSEFF - was initiated by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) supported by the European Union. The programme's objective was to overcome barriers faced by Polish SMEs to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy and increase the number of energy efficient technologies and sources of renewable energy in the market.

The programme was launched in January 2011 with an initial credit line of EUR 150 million and a grant support of EUR 28 million.

The following financial institutions participated in PolSEFF and provided financing to the SMEs: Bank BGŻ, BGŻ Leasing, BNP Paribas Bank Polska, BZ WBK Leasing, Bank Millennium, Millennium Leasing, and Societe Generale Equipment Leasing Polska.

As the awareness of the programme spread among Polish entrepreneurs, their interest to participate in PolSEFF grew dynamically. In order to meet the demand for financing under the programme, the EBRD increased the PolSEFF credit line to EUR 180 million in 2012.

Within PolSEFF three types of investments were financed:

  • investments based on the List of Eligible Materials and Equipment (LEME)
  • large scale energy efficiency, renewable energy and building sector projects
  • investments of Suppliers.

Entrepreneurs who financed their investments within PolSEFF received investment incentives of 10% or 15% of the leasing or loan value.

Unique Features of PolSEFF: Leasing and the LEME list.
PolSEFF was unique amongst other EBRD's sustainable energy facilities due to two key elements:

  1. PolSEFF made financing in the form of leasing available to SMEs
  2. PolSEFF developed and popularised the interactive List of Eligible Materials and Equipment (LEME) using an innovative approach. The LEME list contained materials and equipment that had been verified and qualified by the PolSEFF engineers to result in energy savings of at least 20% or generate energy from renewable sources. One of the key benefits of the LEME list was a significant reduction in the project approval time. The time interval between the SME submitting its application and the project being approved did not exceed one week. The LEME list was accessible through the website to all interested equipment manufacturers and dealers, financial institution staff, and SMEs. The web page allowed SMEs and financial institutions to quickly identify eligible equipment for financing. It also allowed manufacturers to submit new equipment for review by the programme's engineers. The LEME list included over 7,600 products from 937 manufacturers and dealers.

W 2016 roku program PolSEFF został wyróżniony nagrodą CEE Clean Energy Awards  w kategorii "Financing deal of the year". Ogłoszenie zwycięzców odbyło się w trakcie Gali CEE Clean Energy Awards w Warszawie 9 czerwca 2016 roku.

CEE Clean Energy Awards  jest inicjatywą, której celem jest wyróżnienie firm oraz osób z sektora czystej energii w Europie Środkowo-Wschodniej za ich doskonałość operacyjną, odwagę w realizacji obranych strategii i przywództwo we wdrażaniu innowacyjnych rozwiązań. 

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