For Banks and Leasing Companies

The PolSEFF programme has proven that the financing of energy efficiency investment projects in SMEs is an excellent opportunity to acquire new customers and to provide existing customers with an attractive financial product with measurable added-value.

Benefits of financing Energy Efficiency investments include:

  • unique financial product: banks and companies will achieve high customer satisfaction by providing short and long-term benefits to the clients (through investment incentives, experts advisory and reduction of the company's energy costs)
  • differentiation:  through a combination of ‘business as usual’ financing models and energy efficient investments, banks will gain competitive advantage, attracting new clients, broadening their market share and becoming  recognised promoters of innovative energy-efficient financing schemes 
  • greater customer loyalty: banks and companies will strengthen the relationship with their clients, as the investments results often exceed the original expectations 
  • no mass advertising campaigns: financing energy-efficient investments is a simple, straightforward process allowing clients to become more productive and competitive 
  • increased brand recognition: banks and businesses will enjoy better brand image as energy-efficient investments will reduce COemissions and provide more environmentally viable solutions that will bring long-term sustainable results on the environment and local communities.

More than 2,000 projects financed within PolSEFF have provided a solid data base of project types, sectors, clients' needs, feasible solutions and achieved results. A representative sample of implemented and financed projects are provided in the success stories section.