Leasing of Energy Efficiency Investments

PolSEFF was the first among all EBRD's SEFF programmes to offer financing through leasing. It became the most popular form of financing within the programme as more than 70% of all investment projects were financed through leasing.

The key reasons for the successful result of PolSEFF are:

  • the success of LEME was directly linked to the success of leasing. For SMEs the leasing financing scheme showed evident benefits including free technical advice from experts in the field of energy efficiency  
  • the simplified procedure enabled a short turnaround from the client's application completion to the decision for granting the lease 
  • the equipments and materials listed on the LEME related to sectors of strategic focus to leasing companies and corresponded to the needs of SMEs
  • suppliers of equipment and materials registered on the LEME became promoters of the programme as their clients, who purchased and financed their products within PolSEFF, were guaranteed a 10% investment incentive paid back to their accounts after instalment of the equipment.