For Small & Medium Enterprises

Companies that were eligible for the PolSEFF programme needed to match the following criteria:

  • SMEs registered in Poland and at least majority privately owned. Sole proprietors and farmers included
  • employees: 1- 249
  • revenue: up to EUR 50 million or balance sheet assets: up to EUR 43 million
  • companies that act according to national and EU regulations
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) if their customers are SMEs
  • financially viable (met the banks's criteria). 

Projects eligible for the PolSEFF programme: 

  • energy efficiency projects using LEME technologies; the financing value of projects could not exceed EUR 250,000 
  • complex projects improving energy efficiency based on individual solutions achieving minimum 20% of energy saving; financing value could not exceed EUR 1,000,000*
  • investments in commercial buildings achieving minimum of 30% of energy saving*
  • renewable energy projects generating a minimim of 3kWh energy per annum per 1 EUR invested*
  • investments for capacity expansion by suppliers of energy efficient or renewable energy equipment*.

        * the technical eligibility of the project was qualified by the PolSEFF consultant

General financing rules that applied to the PolSEFF programme:

  • loans for 100% of the project cost
  • for complex projects improving energy efficiency (investments in renewable energy and commercial building refurbishment projects) the financing amount could match EUR 1,000,000, excluding investments based on devices from the list LEME (which may be maximum EUR 250,000
  • financing might occur only through collaborating with participating financing institutions; projects needed to be consistent with the banks' policies and procedures
  • each project might only benefit from one EU grant 
  • loans might not be used to refinance the existing debt of a borrower.